First words to police officer who pulled her out
“I’m sorry I am delaying the train. Can you get me out of here?”

Nurse taking history of statistics…weight, height, medication allergies, etc.
Nurse: What is your height?
Teena: Well, I used to be 5’3” but I am a bit uneven now; which side do you want?

Conversation about prosthetics
Teena: Do you think I can pick my shoe size when I get my prosthetic leg?

Conversation with Ben’s mom
Lisa: See, Ben showered and shaved for you.
Teena: Yeah, and all it took was me getting run over by a train and losing my legs… if I had just known that was all…

Conversation between Teena and her mom:
Teena’s mom: Don’t worry, for the next three years, Mommy will take care of you and then you will take care of Mommy again.

Teena: No! One year, just one year…

Frequent Surgery Card

Teena: You know how they have punch cards for coffee/sandwich shops—Buy 9 and get the 10th one free? I should get a card for my surgeries. I am up to 8 already; one more and the next one should be free!

Conversation between Teena and her cousin Tan:
Tan: A person asked me how is it going and I said, “one step at a time… and I thought “duh… I can’t believe I said that”

Teena: But it will be one step at a time! When I get the prosthetics, it will be one step and then another and then another!!!

Conversation between Teena and her Mom while she is adjusting pillow behind Teena’s back:
Teena: Oh wait, be careful.  Adjust my hospital gown before you pull the pillow down.

Teena’s Mom: Oh ok. I see.

Teena: Yea, if you don’t adjust the gown first before you pull the pillow down you end up choking me with my gown.

Teena’s Mom: Oooh, ok.  Got it.

Teena: Yes, getting run over by a subway didn’t kill me so let’s not do it by choking me with my gown.

Conversation before I was able to move my legs on my own.
Legs were spread open after a cleaning and I asked my family to reposition them b/c I didn’t want to be “open for business”.

Conversation with my friend Jenn about beauty.
Jenn: I’ll do your nails for ya while you’re in the hospital Teen!

Teena: So, how do you think it works now if I go get a mani/pedi? Do you think I go in and have them do my nails and while they do my nails I take off my legs and say, Hey, can you work on these at the same time?”

Teena: And while I’m thinking about this, how does a full body massage work now? If I go for a full body massage, do I pay half price? I mean, it’s not like they’re gonna massage my stump right!? And does half a left leg and a right stump really constitute a full lower body?!? Seriously!?!?

Conversation with my husband Ben
Ben: Bet you’re wishing you had more sex with me before the accident b/c it’ll prob be a while now.

Teena: Yea, Ben. Yes. That’s exactly what I was wishing. How’d you know?

While working with occupational therapist
OT had me working with her on putting “pants” on. She basically cut off a pair of XL scrub bottoms at the knees and had me go through the motions of putting them on. Once I had the cut off shorts on…

Teena: Oh look, it’s like I’m the Incredible Hulk!

While talking with Tan (cousin) and friend (Jenn) about what I’m going to wear when I’m home
Teena: Oh, I can probably wear skinny jeans now! Skinny jeans couldn’t get passed my big athletic calves before…but with the prosthetic legs that shouldn’t be a problem right?…

While crossing the street in Midtown Manhattan with my prosthesis, while it’s raining and the light turns green” (With my cousin Annie and my friend Wade at my sides)
Teena: Ahhh!!! Wait, wait. Don’t go yet. Ok. Hurry up. Hurry up. Don’t run me over. Ugh…that’s the last thing I need..to get run over by a car.

In response to the multiple comments about me being able to run the 2015 NYC Marathon…”
Teena: I had no desire to run the Marathon prior to my accident…why would I want to run it NOW?!?

Comment made by Mom as I was getting dressed
Mom: You’re butt has gotten bigger and is getting closer to the size it was now that you’re walking more.
Teena: Thanks Mom…