The Accident

As you have heard since you are now on this page, Teena, the sweetest, most kind-hearted girl was hit by the 7 train on December 26, 2013 around 9:30 pm. She is lucky to have survived but she lost one leg right below the hip and the other leg below the knee. For those of you who know Teena, you know she is always the one thinking about others, the girl that frequently participates in charity events, the person who makes you smile and the one who will always help when you need it.

It wasn’t shocking to learn that the first words Teena said to the police officer who pulled her out were, “I’m sorry I am delaying the train. Can you get me out of here?”

Teena always thinks about others first. A beautiful, bright 31-year-old woman, Teena has her life ahead of her. While it is a miracle she did not die in such a horrific accident, she has an incredibly long recovery ahead of her. Teena would never ask for help because she wouldn’t want to burden anyone. But so many of you who know and love the girl that is always helping others, have asked how she is doing and how you can help her.

This site was created as the answer. We will post updates on her progress and let you know how she is doing. There will also be a calendar for those who want to visit to organize folks and not overwhelm her (surgery days leave her quite loopy so we will block out those days!). It’s also a place for those who want to contribute to her recovery in some way. We are grateful for all the advice that we have gotten so far and really appreciate hearing other people’s stories. While Teena is an inspiration to all of us around her, she needs all the support she can get — good thoughts and wishes, prayers, pennies, story, referral to doctors, rehab facilities, support groups, contacts at prosthetic companies… anything that you can think of… she probably needs it. There is also a little section of “Teenaisms” – acts and sayings that show us what an incredible and big spirit lies in that little girl.