Changes (Part 1)…

Hi there! Been a LONG time.
What’s happened since my last post, all the way back in September…
In October, Ben and I went to Rhode Island for a few days. December – 4 year anniversary of my accident. February – went to Costa Rica (cousin built a house there). March – lots happened, but mainly…we parted ways with the franchise and are longer a Maggie Moo’s Treatery. March 31 was our last day as Maggie Moo’s and April 1 was our first day as Ben & Teena’s!
Spent a few days in Newport, Rhode Island during the first week of October. It’s such a relaxing and low key city. We ate some seafood (including some yummy lobster rolls), visited The Breakers Mansion (was the Vanderbilt’s home), got a couple of massages, and just enjoyed the city.

Gurney’s Newport Resort

Not too shabby of a backyard…The Breakers balcony

My cousin, Tan, built a house in Costa Rica and I visited it for the first time back in February. My mom, aunt, Tan, and myself flew down to Costa Rica and spent a week at the house. Everyone would respond with an…”Awww…” when I would tell them that the four of us were going away and at first I was like…Ok…? And then I realized, it was me and my mom and Tan and her mom, and that the four of us had never traveled before! In fact, as an adult, I’d never traveled with my aunt! It was a fun and cute week.

Mom & Aunt taking stroll on the beach

Mom sipping on a Pina Colada

Unfortunately, for obvious reasons, I wasn’t able to experience or engage in all the things Costa Rica has to offer. But luckily, Ben and I visited Costa Rica a few years back, before I lost my legs.

Costa Rica 2011 – When I was skinny!

Swinging through Costa Rica!

So, this time around, I just relaxed, did some swimming in the pool (with my life vest on), and spent some quality time with my mom, aunt, and cousin!

Chilling and enjoying the view

And to the spider who’s life had to come to an unexpected end – we waited and waited and wanted you to escape and be free in your element…but you wouldn’t leave the bathroom and I couldn’t peacefully shower knowing you were lurking around in my space…RIP spider and Thank You, Tan for coming to my rescue. Fun times.
And last, but certainly not least for this post…we are no longer a Maggie Moo’s. We are now Ben & Teena’s Ice Cream! We had some issues with a vendor that we weren’t able to resolve and the franchise wasn’t able to be of any help, either. Ultimately, the franchise came to the conclusion that an amicable agreement was nowhere in site and gave us the option to sever ties, even though we still had two years left on our contract. We accepted their offer and then it was off to the races. Since we knew we still had two years left, we had started to think about what we needed to do once our contract was up, but now, all of sudden, we only had a month! YIKES. In that month, we had a ton of things to think of…new name, logo, branding, redecorating the space, etc. When your two year time frame suddenly turned into a one month time frame…stress levels immediately rose ten fold, to say the least! And of course, when it rains, it pours. Naturally, because we were already dealing with a ton of things involved with turning the business over, we started to have issues with our freezers. UGH. Murphy’s Law. With that being said, please come by and visit Ben & Teena’s Ice Cream!
As always, thank you for reading!
Part 2 to follow…
(Preview – Job Change, Chicago Trip, Cynthia’s (Ben’s sister) wedding)

8 thoughts on “Changes (Part 1)…

  1. Hi Teena and Ben
    We are very happy to receive your e-mail and knowing that your are enjoying your trips and enjoying your life. We wish you and your families the best of everything life has to offer. We also intend to visit your new business soon to congratulate you in person and taste the delicious ice cream you make. Good luck.
    Ellie and Samy Elgendy

    • Thank you Mr. & Mrs. Elgendy! Thank you for following and reading my blog! Let Suzanne know when you plan on visiting so I can try and be at the store when you visit!

  2. Good luck with your new endeavors! Great to see you at Cynthia’s wedding. Have a great summer!

    Take care.
    Ann Poltilove

  3. Hi, Teena! Thanks again for sharing your experiences. Sounds like you’re really enjoying life. So happy for you, and proud of what you’ve accomplished. Looking forward to learning more about your journey! John

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